5 Tips for a Successful Telehealth (Teletherapy) Session

The Therapyzen Team has a few tips to help you make your teletherapy or telepractice session a success. These tips are useful when using the Therapyzen, but they are applicable for any videoconferencing tool you might use when providing any HIPAA secure teletherapy or telehealth services.

  • Practice with friends, family, or colleagues prior to your first session.
    – Get to know the tools you’re using to host your session. Does your platform need a camera or microphone permission granted? Does your platform have a session timer to start? Create a practice session where you can test all of the features accessible to you and learn basic troubleshooting techniques – like selecting the appropriate microphone in settings.
    • If you’re using apple iOS, you’ll want to be sure to use Safari and allow your camera settings prior to launching. Learn how >

  • Encourage your clients to practice by holding a 5-10 minute practice session with them prior to their actual therapy session.
    – Your clients will have different set-ups than you and will need to accept microphone and camera permissions on their end too. Before their first teletherapy session, carve out a no-charge 5-10 minute timeframe to make sure everything can be set-up without cutting into therapy time. Check with your telehealth platform’s support for assistance with client troubleshooting.

  • Make sure your internet is stable and no streaming services are being used during your session.
    – Netflix can wait until later. Encourage your clients to only have their therapy-related tabs open on their browser while the session is running. Keep in mind, streaming services running in different rooms of their or your home may interfere with your meeting connection.

  • Set the tone of your session
    – Make sure your face is lit by natural light if possible and your camera is angled to frame you properly. Make sure you’ve dressed appropriately for a session. During your practice session, also note how the room looks behind you. If there’s clutter it may be distracting for your clients.

  • Limit any distracting noise
    – Dogs barking, television noise, fans, doorbells, children, and even typing on your keyboard can all be distractions for your session. If you can hear it, so can your clients. Know where your mute button is and use it while the other person is speaking if noises are a concern. If you must type notes while in the session, make sure your microphone is muted.

Most of all, give grace with the new changes to your practice. Everything new requires an adjustment period and online therapy is no different. Encourage your clients to practice the above measures too. Your therapyzen teletherapy sessions will be as normal as a regular session in no time.

What tips do you have for a smooth teletherapy session? Share them with us and we’ll add it to our list!

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