Running a workshop? TherapyZen can help!

Do you run or have thought about running a workshop?

So you already use TherapyZen to stay organized, manage your clients, set appointments, and so on… Or perhaps you were thinking about it. Did you know TherapyZen could also help you easily manage groups of people as well? Not many practice management software solutions for mental health counselors currently available, if any at all, help. TherapyZen helps manage anywhere from two to an unlimited amount of individuals without breaking a sweat.

Suppose you organized a marriage workshop. Individuals choosing to attend could be a blend of existing clients and new ones as well. How can you easily organize your attendees, collect basic information about them and perhaps even collect payments for your workshop from these individuals? Use TherapyZen Group Records!

If an attendee isn’t already in the system as a client, you simply add them as you would any other of your clients. Add them as a client record and collect the bare minimum, a first and last name. We do recommend capturing their email address as well so you can send out email blasts to your group. Next up, create a group. Give it a name, such as “Marriage Workshop 2017” and then begin adding in all of the attendees. That’s it!

Scheduling is a breeze

Scheduling your workshop couldn’t be any easier. Just select the time & place and choose your group record. That’s it! You can even create a new service type to store your fee. TherapyZen will handle the rest.

group appointment

Do you collect a fee for your workshop?

No sweat. You can easily generate an invoice for each member of your workshop. Not only that, but if you’ve integrated with our payment processing system Stripe, you can store credit cards and get paid right away!

The next time your starting up a workshop or group session, let TherapyZen help handle the details. Use Therapyzen, get organized, work smart!

Get paid faster with Stripe and TherapyZen!

Running a business can be a daunting task.

Everyone would rather focus on the things they do best. And for counselors, collecting payments from clients is not one of them. No matter how disciplined you are about collecting payments prior to treatments, invoices can and will inevitably fall through the cracks. Not to worry, it happens to the best of us. To avoid the stress of collecting payments, use sound policies and procedures. Most of our own TherapyZen users employ some common sense payment policies to help protect themselves.

Good Payment Policies

  1. Keep a valid client credit card on file.
  2. Get signed authorization to charge client cards for past due invoices.

Running a tighter ship with TherapyZen and Stripe

These simple policies will do wonders for helping you collect in a timely manner. As a result, you will find yourself spending less time chasing down clients and more time being productive. The only problem you will need to deal with is the occasional expired or declined card. TherapyZen integrated with Stripe does a great job of enforcing these policies and will take all the stress out of collecting payments

Stripe is the payment processor that TherapyZen uses to process all payments. Stripe is one of the world’s best, most secure, and most innovative online payment processors. Having a Stripe account means you don’t have to have a merchant account, gateway, or any other piece of the legacy payments industry puzzle which can usually result in higher fees.

get paid - stripe integration

Start Getting Paid Today!

Thousands of businesses and organizations are using Stripe today: Fortune 500 companies, rapidly-growing startups, side projects, nonprofits, and everything in between.

There are numerous benefits to using Stripe. Funds are usually available in your Stripe account within 48 hours of receiving payment. Stripe is a secure vault for your client’s payment information and you can use Stripe to process your client’s payments any time you wish. It’s an extremely powerful platform.

All you need to do is collect your client’s credit card once in their TherapyZen profile page. From that point on, whenever you invoice them, you can immediately accept payment. Furthermore, TherapyZen even allows you to store multiple cards per client!

So what are you waiting for? Use Therapyzen, get organized, get paid!


Client Intake 2.0 with Custom Forms Is Live!

Our team couldn’t be happier with the latest changes to TherapyZen’s client intake and portal which we’re calling Client Intake 2.0. We’re pretty confident that this update will streamline your client intake process drastically by doing away with the necessity of providing downloadable versions of your client intake paperwork. Now you can create your own custom forms or select from our provided library of form templates to give you a head start on configuring your intake wizard.

Here’s a quick glance at the highlights of the new intake and portal tools

The New Custom Form Builder

Use simple drag-and-drop to select form our library of common web-form elements. Once dragged onto your form, you can edit attributes such as the label, required field, placeholder, help text, and character limit. Use drag-and-drop to also arrange your form elements in the order that you prefer.

TherapyZen Client Intake 2.0

Use Form Builder Templates

If you don’t want to build your forms from scratch, simply use our library of industry-approved templates. Our library includes commonly used forms such as; Notice of Privacy Practices,Treatment Goals, Social Media Policy, Authorization of Release and more. Once you select a template, you’ll want to customize them by adding your own personal touches and practice details.

TherapyZen Client Intake 2.0

Configure the Intake Wizard Forms and Layout

Once you have your custom forms created, easily configure the order in which they are displayed in the client intake wizard. Your custom forms will co-mingle with TherapyZen’s system intake forms that you can turn on or off for additional customizing of your intake wizard.

TherapyZen Client Intake 2.0

TherapyZen Client Intake 2.0

Get Digital Signatures

Add a digital signature field to any of your custom forms. Whether your intake includes legal documents or basic client information, insert a digital signature with ease.

TherapyZen Client Intake 2.0

Client Intake Review and Print

Once your client has completed their intake, you’ll be notified by system notification and by email. Navigate to the client record where you can review the completed intake and print a well formatted version of the completed documents.

Client Intake 2.0

Client Portal Makeover

While we always liked the design of our client portal, we took this opportunity to make a few design improvements. Your clients will enjoy our beautiful portal!

TherapyZen Client Intake 2.0

We hope you make the most of Client Intake 2.0 and we’ve already got ideas brewing for the future thanks to the feedback and suggestions of our users.

TherapyZen introduces group records!

TherapyZen has introduced “group records” which is now live and in beta! A large portion of our users specialize in couples counseling so we wanted to design a more streamlined experience for scheduling, note taking and invoicing clients who are often treated together.

group records in TherapyZen

Although this new feature is ideal for managing couples, we’ve thrown in some incredibly flexible billing options that will also accommodate small groups and workshops as well.

Group records is already full-featured enough to stand on it’s own, but we’ve got a number of enhancements lined up to take this idea to the next level. Current TherapyZen users are getting a chance to test-drive this concept now and help us prioritize enhancements that we already have in the hopper.

Some of the notable highlights of group records

Easily create appointments for a couple or group just as you would an individual. Use the group name to schedule an appointments and each group member will begin to receive their automated SMS and email appointment reminders.

group records in TherapyZen

Easily find each group member’s information at a glance. The group profile’s Client ID Card section displays the important details of each group member at all times for quick reference. Navigating to the individual record of any given group member is done by simply clicking the group member’s name.

group records in TherapyZen

Invoicing is a snap for couples and groups using the flexible billing options available on a group record. Distribute invoices in a number of ways by choosing to invoice just one member of a group, all members, or split an invoice among all members. Easily choose which member gets invoiced for a treatment and then process their payment using our free Stripe integration

group records in TherapyZen

A few other noteworthy reasons to take advantage of group records

  • Enter Therapy Notes and Treatment Plans in one place for a group for easy tracking. Any therapy notes that get created on a group record will automatically copy to each group member’s individual record.
  • Email all members of a group with one simple click.
  • Easily add additional individuals or remove members of a group.
  • Easily create administrative office notes for group records.

TherapyZen, the ideal software for counselors and therapists who run private-pay practices.

If you haven’t taken TherapyZen for a free test-drive yet, take advantage of our free 14-day trial to see what you’ve been missing. There’s no obligation, just sign up and start using TherapyZen today. Our team is standing by to help if you need it.

Sign Up Today!

Multiple Office Location Support is Here!

Practices that provide counseling at multiple locations now have something to cheer about! The TherapyZen team just implemented multiple office location support for appointment scheduling and client portal appointment requests. This was a top requests by many of our faithful users and we are very pleased with the way we were able to implement it.

Add Your Locations

Setting up multiple locations only takes a few seconds and can vastly improve your appointment scheduling if you operate out of multiple offices.

multiple location support

Scheduling Calendar with Availability Slots

Once your locations are entered into TherapyZen, setting up your appointment availability can now include electing which location you’ll be working from. This will help your scheduling personnel tremendously if they are trying to find an appointment that better suits the client’s commute.

multiple locations support

Locations in Your Appointment Details

Use the location selector when creating a new appointment to change to a different location if needed.

multiple locations support

Client Portal Availability Request Slots Now Provide Location Information

Clients logged into the portal can now pick and choose from your available times based on locations that work better for them. Upon making a selection, your client is presented with a map to the office they chose.

multiple locations support

Introducing ‘Office Notes’ in TherapyZen!

You’ll notice a brand new tab on your client profile pages in TherapyZen named ‘Office Notes’. This is our newest feature and we think you’re really gonna like it, especially for group practices! We are very happy with the way Phase 1 came out and it’s readily available for you to start using today.

Office Notes in TherapyZen

Office Notes was created with a few simple goals in mind;

  1. Create a separate place for general administrative notes on a client record (not shared in the therapy notes area)
  2. Make those administrative notes available to anyone who has access to the client’s record
  3. Make high-priority notes stand out and hard to overlook

How Do They Work?

Creating an Office Note is even simpler than creating a therapy note. From the Office Notes tab, just click ‘New Office Note’ and fill out the new note form. You have 4 different note types to select from; Administrative, Medical, Billing, and Scheduling. Once you’ve made your selection, enter your note and finally decide whether you want this to be a high-priority note or not. High-priority notes are displayed in red and also will display a little icon on the Office Notes tab to get the attention of anyone viewing the client’s profile

Office Notes in TherapyZen

High-priority notes are always displayed at the top, while regular notes will appear below. If a note is edited by anyone, the note will be time and date-stamped on when the edit occurred and who edited it. Notes can also be deleted, however if you didn’t create the note originally, we suggest that you confer with the note creator first to make sure it’s OK to remove it.

Lastly, and most importantly, you should avoid putting any sensitive personal health information in the Office Notes area. These notes can be seen by anyone with access to the client which includes non-clinicians. Therefore, it’s best to reserve these notes for important administrative information only.

Office Notes in TherapyZen

What Will Phase 2 of Office Notes Be?

This first version of Office Notes is purely manual, meaning that all office notes must be created by you. In the near future we plan to start integrating system-generated office notes as well. Some examples of these automated notes might be the following:

  • When a client is a no-show for an appointment, we will document it here to identify poor attendance trends
  • If a new file attachment has been uploaded and needs attention
  • If a client has an invoice that just hit 30-days past due

There are a number of possibilities of how we can improve the communication between you and your client data, Office Notes is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more about this feature as we continue to make it more useful and as always, please feel free to get involved by providing feedback and making more wonderful suggestions!!

Reduce No-Shows with SMS Appointment Reminders in TherapyZen!

SMS Appointment Reminders in TherapyZen

Missed appointments can cost a practice valuable time and money. For any business that relies so heavily on appointment scheduling, it’s a no-brainer to implement effective reminders for your clients. Until now, TherapyZen has relied on email for reminding clients of upcoming appointments, however we’re happy to announce that you can now use SMS (text-messaging) to also remind clients of their scheduled engagements with you.

Studies show that businesses that depend on kept appointments have a No-Show rate of approximately 20%. This number can easily be translated into thousands of dollars lost and countless hours wasted. While email reminders are good, SMS reminders are the best way to reach your customers with statistics that say 97% of organizational texts are read compared to organizational emails, that have an open-rate of 10%.

How does it work?

Enabling SMS reminders in TherapyZen couldn’t be easier. Just head on over to the Settings area of TherapyZen and find the Messaging tab. Here is where you’ll find the SMS switch as well as some helpful information about when your messages will be sent out. Just simply click to toggle switch to turn this feature on and that’s it, you’re all done. From that point on, your all of your clients will begin to receive a text-message reminder 24 hours prior to their appointments. This will be in addition to email reminders if you already use those as well.

SMS Appointment Reminders in TherapyZen

How much does it cost?

Here’s the best part, it’s included with your TherapyZen subscription! There is no extra charge for this feature that your practice will benefit greatly from. This is part of our ongoing effort to keep TherapyZen pricing simple with no surprises. Just turn this feature on and start using it without worrying about usage fees and fluctuating monthly subscription costs. So take advantage of SMS today and we’ll continue adding value to TherapyZen, it’s what we do!

5 Reasons Why Self-Improvement Requires Self-Organisation. A Guest Blog by Marcus Clarke BSc, MSc

We’ve all felt that mountaintop experience of being inspired. Whether it was a motivational speaker, a stimulating book, or a conversation with an encouraging friend or counselor, we all sometimes feel that wholesome drive to change ourselves and improve our lives.

But even with an entire library of self-help books, motivation can only take you so far. Even the best ideas will not make a difference if they are not matched with practical, concrete strategies. And these strategies, first and foremost, start with getting organised.

Here are 5 reasons why self-improvement can never come about without self-organisation:

1. Having a Plan Keeps You from Wasting Energy

Abraham Lincoln once said, “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I would spend six of them sharpening my axe.” Knowing that we have a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time can feel very overwhelming, and taking time to stop, think, and create a plan can feel like a waste of time. Continue reading

Sharing Files with Your Clients Just Got Easier with TherapyZen

Secure file sharing is an essential part of client engagement and communication. Not only is it convenient, it can streamline your work processes by removing all the clutter that comes from working with a mountain of hard copies. We recently upgraded how the Attached Documents feature works in TherapyZen and we think you’ll get plenty of use out of it!

How clients share docs with the clinician

For your clients using the client portal, the attached documents section has been added as a new tab found at the top of the client profile. Once your client uploads a file, it is immediately available for download by the clinician.

Clients sharing documents with clinicians

Sharing docs with your clients

On the flip side, clinicians wanting to make files available to clients is accomplished just as easily, however we’ve added a nifty privacy feature for sensitive documents that you don’t feel a need to share with your client.

From the client profile, simply attach documents like you normally would, however you will now see that an uploaded file has been set to ‘private’ by default. The little lock icon helps provide a visual indication as well as the legend now included at the top of the attachments section.

Sharing documents with your clients

Simply click the lock icon to toggle visibility with your client, it’s that easy. A Red Lock will display for a private, unshared document and a Green Open Lock will display for a shared document available for download by your client.

Sharing documents with your clients

We’re very happy with how this feature came out. As always, thank you for the feedback and suggestions gang. Keep them coming and we’ll keep cranking them out! 🙂

The TherapyZen Team

A Big Client Portal Update!

Happy Wednesday friends! The client portal expansion continues and we’re super excited with our progress. It’s looking really good and we think we’ve made it very easy for both therapists and clients to sync up for appointments. There are some finishing touches being applied as we speak and then we’ll head into testing to make sure we work out any bugs before release.

This is a pretty substantial update coming your way and we think that you’ll really be pleased. We hope to have these new tools in your hands in just a few more weeks at the very latest, but in the meantime here’s another sneak peek at the latest revisions as well as a high-level list of new features included

Notable features in this upcoming release

  • A new availability calendar for therapists (seen below) for setting your available times, service types and scheduling rules.
  • A grid of your available times in the client portal for your clients to select and submit requests for your approval.
  • Appointment requests displayed on your appointment calendar as well as email notifications of these requests.
  • The ability to approve or decline appointment requests and the client will be notified by email and in the portal.
  • The ability to require credit card information before an appointment can be requested.
  • The ability to limit how far in advance an appointment request can be made.
  • A new client portal login screen with registration. This lets potential new clients sign up for the portal, complete the intake, provide payment information, and request an appointment without any initial contact with the therapist.

(Some of the latest screenshots)

Setting your Availability

We circled back and made some changes to how a therapist sets availability. Nothing works better than a calendar for doing this, so we made one work the same way that the appointment scheduling calendar works. Upon selecting a desired day for taking appointments, you are presented with that ability to select times, service types and some other rules about appointment requests for that day.

Setting your availability for appointment scheduling
Continue reading